8 Easy steps to start a small business

Everyone can start a small Business. But first of all you need to have an Idea. How to come up to an Business Idea? Well it is very easy, just think of what are you passionate about. After you find out the Idea of the Business, you need to think small and be patient about the process. The main tool you need is within you, you just need to trust yourself!


You have the Idea, but you don’t know where to start

You have a brilliant Idea and you want to start as soon as possible but you feel confused, because you think it is complicated, you gonna make mistakes and you just don’t know where to start. Well providing an overview of your Business can be tricky especially when you are still in the planning stages .But don’t let fear of the unknown stand in you way, just relax. Starting a Business involves planning so take a pen, paper or Notice book and write your Business plan.


Here are 8 easy steps for writing a perfect Business plan:


  • What is your Idea ?
  • It is a product or a service?
  • How will your products/services stand out from the competition?

NOTICE: People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.


Now it’s time to choose your Business name. Your name represents the essence of who you are as a Business.

  • What does this name say about your Business?
  • Is it easy to pronounce ?
  • Is it memorable ?

Tips: Use Acronyms, get Inspiration from Mythology and literature, use your own name, think about the future, keep it simple etc.

This part of the plan is not so easy as you think, so if you need help with the name click here for a Business name generator. Also use CANVA to design your logo.


  • Who will your costumers be? Kids, Woman, Men, Teenagers etc. ?
  • Where do they live ?
  • What are they passionate about ?


  • How will you get the products/services in front of the clients ?
  • Where will you sell your Products ?

The best and easiest way is to sell online. Here are some well-know sites to sell online:








-WORDPRESS or other website builders ( if you want to build your own website )


Social media plays important role in marketing. If you want to grow you need to be present on social media. Here is how to be authentic on social media:

  • Use your own Images
  • Establish connection with your followers
  • Post continuously
  • Don’t strive for perfection
  • Create and post GIVEAWAYS
  • Connect your Instagram Shop via Facebook manager


Now that you know all these steps, it’s time for the Investment calculator. Don’t be scared to invest, this is going to be your Business, If you really want to be your own Boss and work what you really love, you also need to invest money!

  • How much money do you need to start the Business?
  • Material cost
  • Packaging cost
  • Website cost
  • Shipping cost


How much will you charge ?

  • Price your products according to your labor costs
  • How much time do you spend to create the product/service
  • Price your products according to the market
  • How much will you make on each sale after you subtract your expenses

This depends on your product quality and the details. But remember, your time and energy should also be in the price!


This part is very important! Don’t run your Business without any kind of registration. Not every Business needs a registration it depends on your location, but still make sure you are good informed about this.


Running your own Business is fun, you are your own Boss, you decide your working hours, nobody is going to yelling at you if you make a mistake BUT don’t burn your self out. According to a study, small Business owners work twice that much as a regular employee. So it is important to rest your body and mind, a brain that isn’t stressed can came up with other beautiful Ideas.

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